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Mashable’s latest #BizChats Twitter chat discussed the essentials behind constructing an exceptional marketing email.

Over the course of an hour, our career experts covered an array of questions ranging from how to craft a clever and clickable subject line, to images and how to optimize them to their fullest potential.

Several email experts joined in on the conversation including: AJ Ghergich, SEO & content marketing expert for Ghergich & Co.; Mari Smith, Facebook marketing expert, social media influencer & speaker; Matthew Vernhout, author, blogger & digital marketing expert; Natalie Zfat, writer, entrepreneur & social media influencer; and Paul Dunay, financial services and U.S. marketing leader for PwC.

Check out highlights from the chat in our Storify below.

Image: Mashable Composite, UpperCut Images/Getty Images

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#BizChats: Learn how to improve your email etiquette

Mashable discussed the essentials behind constructing an exceptional marketing email.

Storified by Mashable Thu, Aug 25 2016 20:22:18

Crafting the perfect email is an art. It takes time and effort to build the perfect formula that will make the recipient not only want to click into the email, but to respond, too. The key to crafting these emails a perfect balance between being clever, clickable and concise.

Just like every other division in business, email marketing has evolved into an extremely competitive medium. Hundreds of thousands of brands hire the best graphic designers and copywriters in the industry to create components that make some of the best emails in the market. However, in some situations, over doing a marketing email with bells, whistles, and buzzers can hurt the reputation of a brand rather than help it. The key to crafting successful emails is learning how to establish yourself as a leader, working toward building a genuine, mutual-beneficial relationship with the recipient, and keeping your audience engaged and interested through the power of your words.

@mashbusines and several email experts participated in a #BizChats Twitter chat to discuss how professionals can improve their email marketing strategy.

Welcome to #BizChats! Today were discussing how to improve your email etiquette. Please introduce yourselves!Mashable Business
A warm welcome to our email marketing experts: @emailkarma, @johnhaydon, @MariSmith, @NatalieZfat @PaulDunay, & @SEO! #BizChatsMashable Business
#BizChats tip #1: Be sure to number your answers according to the question you’re answering. (ie., Q1.> A1., Q2. > A2., Q3. > A3.)Mashable Business
#BizChats tip #2: Dont forget to include #BizChats at the end of all your answers to be a part of the conversation!Mashable Business
One more minute until Q1. #BizChatsMashable Business
Question 1:
Q1. Why is email etiquette so important in business? #BizChatsMashable Business
A1: SO important to honor the RELATIONSHIP you have with your subscribers. Everyone is totally overloaded with email today. @mashbusinessMari Smith
A1: Businesses that honor and listen to their email subscribers have a competitive edge over those who dont. Period. #bizchatsMari Smith
A1: You’re not emailing a list. Youre emailing who trust you with their personal space. Don’t forget! #BizChats UP AND SOCIAL
A1: An email is a means of representing your brand. A bad email leads to a bad opinion of your business. You’ll lose them fast. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A1. Email may be a persons first and last taste of your brand so always be sure it represents your brand well #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A1: 122 billion emails go out every hour! It’s important to make sure yours stands out (in a good way). #BizChatsNatalie Zfat
A1: as @MarketingFeedle said: your emails are going to people, not a list. You need to keep that in mind when designing & sending. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A1: You’re not emailing a list. Youre emailing who trust you with their personal space. Don’t forget! #BizChats Ghergich
Q1 – Email follows the rules of “do unto others as you would have then do to you” #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
A1: Even though a list owner may be messaging thousands of people at a time, you are only EVER talking one-on-one. #bizchatsMari Smith
@mashbusiness A1: often times it’s how most day to day communication takes place, but it’s impersonal. Word selection is huge. #BizChatsJeremy Foster
A1: A person’s email inbox is a very private, intimate space. Take time to personalize & humanize your biz emails. #bizchatsMari Smith
A1: @mashbusiness people are busy. Don’t waste time with long, drawn out email. #bizchatsGreenRope
Question 2:
Q2. What are some misconceptions about email marketing that should be tossed to the curb? #BizChatsMashable Business
A2. No more “just throwing it out there” email practices! #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A2: Despite claims, there’s no best day/time to email. Your list is unique! Test without bias. #BizChats #emailmarketingAJ Ghergich
A2. I still see businesses still not providing a way to optout its so last century! #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A2. While email is a very effective and reliable way to communicate, dont ever underestimate the power of picking up the phone. #BizChatsNatalie Zfat
A2: Toss this: Send a monthly newsletter. Minimum should be once a week. Or, daily emails work for quotes, tips, news. #bizchatsMari Smith
@mashbusiness A2: It doesn’t work.Jeremy Foster
A2: Toss this: Disguise spam trigger words like this f*ree. Tacky. #bizchatsMari Smith
@MariSmith A2 – Actually Free is a great word for more marketers, its a common misconception to avoid it #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
@mashbusiness A2: That you don’t need a plan! Just send promos and discounts out to the full list, everyday. #BizChatsJeremy Foster
Q2 – Email is cheap so its not important or gets a small budget. Email is the engine of most digital marketing programs #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
Question 3:
Q3. What are the essentials behind constructing an exceptional marketing email? #BizChatsMashable Business
A3. Subject line is key in my mind make them want to open that email – #WIIFM #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A3. Your emails should be like Mother Teresa – short and sweet! #BizChatsNatalie Zfat
A3 – Understanding that your recipients are busy, offer then value every time you email. Don’t want their time. #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
@mashbusiness Where possible, tailor the message/offer by user group/interests #BizChatsJeremy Foster
@mashbusiness A3 #BizChats basic research > proof read > personalize > brevityiz.vents
@mashbusiness A3. Provide the opportunity to drive the recipient to the sales funnel. #BizChatsJeremy Foster
A3: Map out every detail. Ensure emails are mobile friendly. Segment, segment, segment. #bizchatsMari Smith
A3: One #EmailMarketing Essential: TESTING. Figure out the variable you want to test and TEST until you get optimal results! #BizChatsUpaknee
A3: Nurture the relationship you have with your subscribers long before your ask. #bizchatsMari Smith
A3: Simple Checklist for Email Marketing Campaigns #BizChats Ghergich
@mashbusiness A3. Keep subject line short and sweet. Get to the point early in the main copy. #BizChatsJeremy Foster
A3 – Subject lines with questions help drive opens, people are curious of the answer… just be sure to answer it #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
A3: 17 Ways to Integrate Facebook and Email Marketing Excellent post by our fab friend @JayBaer #bizchatsMari Smith
A3: Align marketing w/ product: ensure the leap from email CTA to website doesn’t drop users in the wilderness. #BizChatsEzra Nanes
A3: Integrate retargeting. Install the Facebook Pixel. Create Custom Audiences. #BizChats Smith
Question 4:
Q4. Whats the key to crafting a clickable subject line? #BizChatsMashable Business
A4. A subject line is your emails elevator pitch make it dazzle by being clever, warm, professional – and to the point. #BizChatsNatalie Zfat
@mashbusiness A4. Knowing your audience! #BizChatsJeremy Foster
A4. The use of a question, a number like 5 things or How To always seem to work #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A4: Keep it short; don’t trick the person – but still have a hook, such as a question or pointing out a need in their life. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A4: Cute headlines reek like ads. Studies show simple headlines work best. #BizChats Ghergich
A4: Test, test, test. Use a tool like @Buzzsumo to get inspiration for popular headlines. #bizchatsMari Smith
A4. Implied Value. There should be incentive for users to open that helps them in some way, not you #BizChatsKevin Naismith
A4: Testing subject lines – try using an emoji where it fits, more brands are working these in every day #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
Question 5:
Q5. Do images help or hurt a marketing email? Why or why not? #BizChatsMashable Business
A5: a pic says 1000 words, choose those words wisely with appropriate images. People see through stock photos #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
@mashbusiness A5: Images should help to explain. Don’t make the entire email an image. #BizChatsChow Ying Yi
A5: View your email with images turned off. Is the email still compelling? If not, fix it! Alt tag styling is your friend. #BizChatsAJ Ghergich
A5: Images help as long as you use them properly – use them sparingly, add alt text, keep them relevant… #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
@mashbusiness A5. If it’s for a sale/promotion – a clickable image, linked to website should be used IMO. #BizChatsJeremy Foster
A5. I love a good email GIF. (P.S. @SEO You’re not the only GIFmaster…) #BizChats Zfat
@mashbusiness A5. Too many words, even if valuable will kill it. Draw them in with a paragraph and provide click out to website #BizChatsJeremy Foster
A5: Avoid all images emails, and footers should be in text no mater what. Don’t try to hide who you are behind them #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
A5: @mashbusiness we like to limit images. We will spice it up with 1 or 2, but find emails with less, perform better. #bizchatsLars Helgeson
A5: I think having alt text that’s clear and useful is very important because not all email clients show the actual image. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A5. When properly paired, images/GIFs can make an email go from memorable to unforgettable. #BizChats Zfat
A5. I dont think they hurt email unless they are heavy slow down your load time #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A5: Also be sure to use Alt tags for your images, this is actually quite important #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
Q5:Social images can help! Ditch stock & use customer UGC to compliment product shots, show product in use #bizchatsJen Forrest
Question 6:
Q6. What apps, tools, services do you use to help improve your email marketing game? #BizChatsMashable Business
A6: I use @Boomerang and @Wisestamp and EVERY day! Fab tools. And, of course, @Unrollme! #bizchatsMari Smith
A6: Use these free headline analysis tools
#BizChatsAJ Ghergich
A6. Im a big fan of @Mailchimp (for A/B testing), @Boomerang (for scheduling) and @ConstantContact (for analytics). #BizChatsNatalie Zfat
A6. I rely heavily on my marketing automation tool for targeting, delivery and reporting #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A6: Longtime user of @Infusionsoft and @LeadPages. #bizchatsMari Smith
A6: I have a folder in my Gmail for newsletters about email marketing. I am no expert, so I rely on real ones for tips and ideas. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A6: Mail Tester is a free tool that lets you easily check your email spam scores. #BizChats #emailmarketingAJ Ghergich
A6: Love @AdobeSpark for creating images (+ videos & simple web pages). Or @Canva for images. @Animoto for videos. #bizchatsMari Smith
A6: test your subject lines with from @AlchemyWorx #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
A6: One of my first email tools in the early 2000s was @CoolerEmail now merged w/ @GreenRope. Fab tool! #bizchatsMari Smith
Question 7:
Q7. What are the biggest mistakes professionals make in email marketing? #BizChatsMashable Business
A7. or like @MariSmith says always be segmenting! #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A7. I still see marketers using lists that are old or not relevant when they should use dynamic targeting #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A7. You wouldn’t publish an article riddled with typos – don’t slack off in emails, either! Fact-check and copy-edit everything. #BizChatsNatalie Zfat
A7: Taking a shortcut… Email is hard, there are no short cuts. #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
@mashbusiness A7. Frequency! Too much or not enough. #BizChatsJeremy Foster
A7: Mistake: adding email addresses to your list without permission – from business cards you get at an event. Ugh. #bizchatsMari Smith
A7: This one always makes me laugh… #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
@mashbusiness A7 #BizChats sounding like a and not a iz.vents
Q7: Not obtaining consent from the recipient of the email! | Here is a Canadian #AntiSpam cheat sheet! #bizchatsUpaknee
@mashbusiness A7. Frequency! Too much or not enough. #BizChatsJeremy Foster
Question 8:
Q8. What final tips do you have for improving your email etiquette game? #BizChatsMashable Business
A8: Respect your subscriber, do you do business with people that abuse your trust/permission #BizChatsMatthew Vernhout
A8. Now that you have someone’s attention, dont forget a call to action! If it’s a consult… don’t forget your checkbook. 😉 #BizChatsNatalie Zfat
A8: Use Facebook’s Lead Ads to grow your list. (See Facebook’s free training Aug 30th: #bizchatsMari Smith
A8: some great resources on international email laws:, Vernhout
A8: don’t give up on the platform. It’s still one of the best ways to turn leads into sales. You can even “delight” customers too. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A8: ‘Scrub’ your list regularly. Survey your list periodically. Segment your list regularly. #bizchatsMari Smith
A8. custom audiences is another way to improve your email game! #BizChatsPaul Dunay
A8: Don’t be afraid to upload your email list (in segments!) to Facebook & serve unique ads to your list. HIGHLY effective! #bizchatsMari Smith
@mashbusiness check your email subject lines (coschedule has a great analyzer) and make sure you are not too content heavy #BizChatsSarah Miller
A8: Calm down with the over-hyped email subject lines. #BizChats #emailmarketing Ghergich
Closing Comments:
Thank you for joining todays #BizChats! Mashable Business
#BizChats – well thank yall for having me – I had a great time! See you next time Paul Dunay
I want to say thanks to everyone for such a great chat and some new tools I need to go checkout 🙂 Was awesome! #bizchatsAJ Ghergich
@mashbusiness Thanks for inviting me & thanks to the other panel members! @johnhaydon, @MariSmith, @NatalieZfat @PaulDunay, @SEO #BizchatsMatthew Vernhout

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