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You can start creating videos within your LinkedIn mobile app .
Image: Carl court/ Getty Images

LinkedIn wants to let useds share as much as possible on the website. So in its latest exertion the social media company is reeling out a video creation tool within its mobile app.

The feature is only available for frequent writers at the moment, but will be available to everyone else soon.

“Some legends are better demonstrated than told. Video enables you to evoke emotion, tote spectators, educate something or share some phenomenal slouse of penetration when words and likeness alone aren’t enough, ” LinkedIn wrote in the bulletin email. “We can’t wait to see how you use this new path to tell your narrations on LinkedIn.”

Start developing videos on LinkedIn.

Image: molly sequin/ mashable

For useds with access to the boast, you can find a little movie preserving icon just to the left of the camera icon that has always been there. Click that, yield LinkedIn access to your phone’s microphone, and start record. When you’re done, precisely punched “Next” and the video will be displayed as an connect in a brand-new berth.

LinkedIn recommends making videos for duty hackers that will increase your productivity, front sequence tushes at a discussion, an insider’s attitude on the day’s new, or whatever else you think your professional system might like.

Before this update, customers could fix videos saved in their photo library. But “there werent” option to create your own video on the spot within the app itself.

So make sure you have the latest version of LinkedIn set on your smartphone, and start recalling up some inventive video ideas to share with your best friend and colleagues.

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