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In the shadow of its Inspire partner powwow, Microsoft today launchedin preview three new tools for small businesses: Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings and Microsoft Invoicing. These connect the companys subsisting stable of small business tools like Microsoft Bookings and the Outlook Customer Manager.

Microsoft Connections enables it users to form Mailchimp-like email commerce safaruss. The new service, which is available on the web, Android and iOS, will render the usual trappings of an email marketing campaign tool, including the ability to manage customers, monitor safarus rendition( open paces, clicks, brand-new purchasers, atonements, etc .) and, of course, generate the actual campaigns. While the details about how exactly the service studies remain sparse, Microsoft says it will furnish useds a number of pre-designed templates for their newsletters and simple-minded routes for beings to meet your mailing list or unsubscribe. A busines spokesman too told us that the new tools will be available at no extra cost.

The idea here is obviously to tie customers deeper into the Office 365 ecosystem and give them an alternative to the likes of MailChimp. Microsoft argues that getting started with email commerce can be overwhelming. While its challengers is certainly disagree, there cant be any doubt that those small businesses that already use Office 365 as their productivity suite of alternative will appreciate the additive of this new tool.

Also brand-new is Microsoft Invoicing, a brand-new implement for you suspected it developing invoices and forecasts. From what we can see, its a pretty straightforward service and the standout feature for many professions is likely that it can be integrated with PayPal so small businesses can easily accept credit card payments. There also is a QuickBooks connector that lets you connect your accounting software( and your controller) with this new invoicing tool.

The third brand-new implement is Microsoft Listings, which allows you to manage your business listings on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp and monitor online the perspectives and revaluations. It obviously emulates with a number of similar implements that do the same, but just like with the other new presents, its a road for Microsoft to keep its consumers inside its own ecosystem.

The brand-new applications was available through Microsofts Office 365 First Release program.

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