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In mid-2 015, Snapchatstarted its own original content divide and hired an execto oversee all programming change. Only months later in October, the app, known for deleting messages after a short time, shuttered its content divisionand laid off all that branchs staff members. Now, however, Snapchat is returning to original content creation, at the least for the time being. The transitory messaging app( whichpulls in 4 billion video beliefs a epoch) has launched its ownmusic-centric channelon Snapchats Discover platform.

Sponsored exclusively bySpotify, Snapchats channel has several new articles of music-themed content created by an in-house team led byNick Bell, according to one of AdAge ssources. The original content firstly debuted on Dec. 26, 2015, and will run through the commencement of 2016, with each day focusing on a different category of music, like hip-hop, electronic dance music( EDM ), and R& B. Snapchat plans to publish original essays, creator interviews, videos of living achievements, and more media summarizing the best moments in music from 2015.

A spokeswoman for Snapchat declined to clarify whether or not Snapchat will continue to realise original content in the future. For now, the messaging apps in-house squad could simply be experimenting what original material will best resonate with the apps users and how Snapchat can make a name for itself on its own Discover platform. If Snapchat manages to find success with original content( nonetheless thats characterized ), the short-term messaging app fellowship could displace one or more of the 18 other firebrands currently exhausting content on Discover, includingVoxandMashable.

You can check out all of Snapchats original music material now through the brand-new year by inspecting its Discover channel within theiOSorAndroidapp.

Photo via jeffreyw/ Flickr( CC BY 2.0) | Remix by Max Fleishman

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