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Hey guys, I opened a online store recently and everyone recommended me to use a good email marketing tool, I opted for Mailchimp (I don’t know if it’s good or it’s bad, I chose it because they offer 2000 suscribers free) I created my list, a pop-up form with an offer and everyone that comes next.

Anyway the thing here is, when I finished the form configuration, I realized that mailchimp ask to the user for a lot of things when they send their email, like they ask for confirmation in your mail (which is good, but would be amazing if you were able to disable it if you want), later ask you for a confirmation to “confirm that you are not a robot”.

My question is, is there a possibility for not to annoy to the user and simply use 1 step opt?

What do you use to collect emails in a “friendly” way?

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