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Need to post material to multiple social networks at the same day? A brand-new chatbot called Yalawants tohelp. The bot, live now on Slack with Facebook Messenger support coming soon , not only does the work of posting for you, its also intelligent enough to know when to post. That is, Yalauses algorithm and machine learning to determine the best is high time to berth in order to increase your exposure and receive better booking on its consideration of this agenda item youre sharing.

The idea for the bot comes from Gary Levitt, who previously sold his email commerce startup Mad Mimi to GoDaddy back in 2014. Afterwards, he attempted to enter the e-commerce opening withan online storefront servicePinecone, but says he had hardship get it off the floor. That led to the fulcrum to Yala instead something that addressed a problem Levitt faced himself while building Pinecone.

I was dissatisfied with Buffer, and its less impressive competitors, because multi-channel posting took season, illustrates Levitt, specially when it came to planning across numerous channels, editing, choice meters and composing, he says.

Buffer, by way of background, is a social media scheduling busines, which also offers tools that help you determine the best time to publish.

However, with Yala, the purpose is to raising a similar kind of intelligence a little bit closer to home, says Levitt meaning, Slack.