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Welcome to our Academy!

Welcome to the Digital Worker Academy - We're here to assist you on your journey towards a Digital Worker Career. No matter if you're a Remote Worker, in your Home Office or a Digital Nomad. No difference if you're an Employee or an Employer, a Manager or a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur.

Here you'll find all information, training and tools you need from other successful Digital Workers.

Boost Digital Worker Career

You are thinking about a career as Remote Worker, in an Home Office or even as a Digital Nomad? We provide you an overview of your possibilities as employee or as Freelancer, Entrepreneur or Start Up. You get great step by step instructions from experienced Digitale Workers with a great track record.

Join our Community, get help, training and coaching - find out what fits your needs and dreams and start your journey step by step.

You're not sure, if the Digital Worker Live is what you searching? Find your answer with our self-assessments.

You're searching for specific help or a solution for your recent challange? Search our training database or ask in our membership communities.

Your think about starting your own business online? Get an overview of the most common business models and step by step start up instructions.


About me

As an adult educationalist and IT person, I have been learning and working with digital media since 1993. I spent most of my professional live as a digital worker - remote or in a Home Office. I was responsible for various national and European research projects in the field of e-learning and remote work/ digital cooperation as well as the development of learning organizations.

In customer service at Deutsche Telekom, I implemented e-learning, established training analytics as well as skill management and set up the training analytics department.

Since the beginning of 2009 I have been developing digital training and information products and business models as a developer, founder and/or managing director. I consult and coach companies in the use of digital media in personal development and the digital transformation towards education 4.0.

It's my passion to provide you the best trainings, information, tools, tips and tricks and everything you need to succeed.


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